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This is my little homepage running on an Arch Linux server with Lighttpd, Python and SQLite.

18.06. 2012, 18:06

I got my boot time down to 2.4 seconds from kernel init to fully loaded SLiM and NetworkManager.

Here's some technical details:

05.05. 2012, 13:32

Here is some statistics about Mumble server:

12.04. 2011, 21:49

The new Humble Frozenbyte Bundle is here! Get 5 great games with whatever price you like to pay for them.

14.03. 2011, 10:28

I decided to change Openbox (floating window manager) to Awesome (tiling window manager). I really like the way I can manage the windows with Awesome. No space is wasted for gaps between the windows.

02.03. 2011, 21:20

I started hosting a public Minecraft server. You can build anything there quite freely. The server has some basic mods for your use.